15 November 2010

Halloween Cupcakes!!!

My friend had a Halloween party so I took it upon myself to make Halloween cupcakes!  I used the Hummingbird chocolate sponge for all of them and the frosting is all swiss merringue buttercream.

I had a total nightmare making these as I tried to use the oven in my flat for the first time and after half the cakes literally exploded and burnt in bizarre places I decided it was the oven (not me), went to my Mum's house and produced 2 batches of perfect cupcakes so my oven remains safely switched off at the socket in disgrace!

pumpkin cupcake, halloween cupcake
Little chocolate and orange pumpkins

ghost cupcakes
My ghosties have chocolate frosting underneath their royal icing sheets!

halloween cupcakes
Rose flavoured icing with gummy spiders.


halloween cupcakes
Mint icing with royal icing witches' hats.

The recipe I used can her found here.

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