9 October 2011

If Carlsberg made sisters....

My sister's 21st birthday party theme is video game characters - never the wallflower, she's made herself a Spiro the dragon costumer, complete with horns and wings.... so the cake was never going to be easy.  She asked me to make a companion cube cake - its a character thingy from an 80's video game (I don't really understand but its very cute and full of love) and it looks like this.

So I got the weekend off work and had a go.

Step 1 - think its really easy, go to the cake shop, buy 2kg of the wrong coloured icing, seriously consider spending £15 on a spatula and listen carefully when you're told not to use victoria sponge because it will cave in under the weight of all the icing...

Step 2 - draw some pictures and measure some things in a serious manner

Step 3 - bake 3 7" square maderia cakes, slice the tops off, stack them with jam and then realise there are some big gaps and its unlevel by half an inch on the top...

Step 4 - cover the whole thing in swiss merringue buttercream and suddenly it looks perfect and flat and pink

Step 5 - cut out the royal icing bits and stick them together with jam - make sure to cover everything in icing sugar and jam because its not baking if you don't make a mess.  Also, eat more royal icing than a person should be able to whilst rolling it out.

Finished and actually quite proud of it but I'm not sure I could manage many more decorated cakes for a while now.


  1. It looks great Em! But Portal isn't an 80's game :p it's a spin off of the Half-Life game series so its from the early 2000s! This will tell you everything you need to know... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k1_aKPIdnU