10 May 2011

Giles' birthday cake

As well as going (slightly) overboard for his birthday picnic yesterday, I baked Giles' birthday cake and decorated it this morning because he 'didn't want to share' with everybody at his flat last night....

Its Nigella's Malteser cake, but this time (on the advice of Giles' mother) used 150g of butter and it lost its' suspicious no-fat spongey weird texture that I didn't rate.  I got a bit carried away when I was baking it thought and it has 6 layers, all separated by Nigella's malt icing, and crushed malteser stuck to the sides.

I think I managed to out-cake myself....

1 comment:

  1. This looks like the nicest cake ever!!! It's my birthday coming up... MAJOR... ***hint hint*** :) katie x