14 June 2011

Summer Nationals Baking

I've finally finished the taught part of my Masters so I've got a bit more time on ym hands now (except that I still have ym dissertation to write but I keep forgetting about that...) plus I got my laptop back today from Dell so I've actually got a computer I can work on without having to squint or use a magnifying glass to look at...

Last weekend we went to the SUPA Summer Polo Nationals at Offchurch Bury polo club so I obviously had to make something to take after having made so many flapjacks at the Winters.  But I didn't want to make anything I've made before again because thats boring so I tried some new recipes...

These honey and granola flapjacks acted as replacements for my flappy j's and went down nicely, they were so sugary that Giles ate the leftovers when we were cycling and he got tired.

7oz butter
7oz demerara sugar
7oz honey
14 oz granola

-melt the butter, sugar and honey together then stir in the dry ingredients.
- bake in a 7" square tin at 180 C for 25-30 minutes.

I had a bit of a balls up making the (badly photographed) coconut and lime loaf; the recipe said 45 minutes so I popped out to force feed some exploded cake to Giles, Rich and Rich and got back to a kitchen full of smoke.  The little cake survived though so I covered it in limey sugary drizzle and dessicated coconut and boxed it up to go.

In an attempt to be clcver I made some muffins for breakfast; banana and cinnamon for the other campers and vegan banana and cinnamon for me (recipe in a later post) so I didn't feel too left out! It was a Hummingbird recipe and I don't really trust them all that much but they turned out nicely, lasted well given how I stored them and all got eaten!

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