1 January 2012

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas this year has been so busy for me with my dissertation due in early January so I've only just got round to posting about my festive baking a week later!  Needless to say, most of my produce is long gone but the taste for it is hanging around and hampering my traditional new year diet resolutions.....

At my mother's request, I produced a second batch of cupcakes to accompany the ginger and milk chocolate cakes I baked for our builders on the 23rd December.  She was after something a little different, but with a "Christmas twist" so after lengthy discussion (I was really avoiding working) and maybe a few spats because I hate zesting fruit, we settled on a spicy, cinnamony sponge with orange swiss meringue buttercream.

cinnamon cupcakes, christmas cupcakes

Our house has been in total uproar this year with building work but our new room was ready just in-time for Christmas and is the most festive looking room in the house, so against my mother's wishes, my baked goods made their way into the living room for their photo to be taken because its just so nice, look!

recipe to follow when I've written more of my dissertation than my blog.....

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  1. Haha I love this, it sounds just like me! I had two exams today and have a 3000 lit review due for Friday that I haven't even started yet here I am blogging...oh dear! p.s your new room looks amazing! love love love the beams and the cupcakes sounded lovely too! Good luck with the diss...I know the pain you're going through!