2 January 2012

The most beautiful gingerbread house ever. FACT

Last year I built the most ridiculous gingerbread house from a pack we had in the house.  I was supposed to make it look 'Christmassy' but instead managed to make it look like a hyperactive child had just thrown sweets at it, never mind the evil gingerbread snowman I made!  In the end, it looked horrific, mum got cross that I'd wasted it and the gingerbread itself wasn't even that tasty.

So this year I learnt my lesson and made one from scratch!  Well, I baked the gingerbread, my sister did the construction work whilst i ate icing.....and we decorated it together (my roof side was obviously better than hers, and the crazy paving was her idea...none of that kooky nonsense at my house!).

note the ridiculous patio doors and crazy paving that my sister insisted it needed.  I disagree, but I don't like licorice so I couldn't eat the doors.  Rest assured, the dolly mixture paving is long gone

By late Christmas day Geoff and I decided we could definitely manage to find space to eat house so he went for it with a large knife.....my idea was just to smash it but he wouldn't let.

10 days later the house is still standing, but in a very sorry state.  The roof was easily the best part.

The recipe came from Good to Know here http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/531199/festive-gingerbread-house, I'm still working so I won't write it here too.


  1. Looks great as do the gingerbread biscuits . Now I know what to do with the left over gingerbread in the freezer from our gingerbread vw camper !

  2. I've made some pretty hideous gingerbread houses too before I made nice looking ones..I love smashing them at the end!

    Nom! x