12 January 2012

Flappy J's masqueraded as health food

As I have 10 days till I leave the chilly UK and fly to Australia, where I assume I will be wearing slightly fewer layers of clothing, I've been trying (and failing) to be healthier in my diet.  And in-line with this, I have given my flappy j's a makeover of sorts to try and justify enjoying the odd 4 as a snack, every day, twice a day.

The prunes and cheeky agave nectar in the bars make them super sweet but in a feels-good-for-you-sort-of-way, thanks very much.  They're the sort of thing you'd find in the healthy bit of a good supermarket!  But they are a bit crumbly, they did harden when I let them cool though, I'm just impatient and want to try things straight away.

I have spent some time googling 'low sugar flapjacks' instead of writing my literature review today, and the recipe I tried came from here, Delicious Magazine's website.  I didn't bother weighing anything I used but here is a vague idea of what I did to create these little beauties.

5oz some variety of spread
maybe 150g prunes (I didn't have any dates)
probably 2 tbsp apple juice
large squeeze of agave nectar
lots of oats, pour them in until it looks like there are enough
some seeds etc
mixed nuts chopped up

- grease and line a 7" square tray and preheat the oven to 180 degrees

1) melt the butter and agave nectar together
2) whizz the prunes and apple juice in a food processor - check the prunes have had their stones removed before you whizz them because the processor doesn't like it, I'm vague about whether mine had stones in or not
3) mix everything together and press into the tin
4) bake for 20 minutes until not burnt.

p.s. suggestions for a better name, somehow including 'flappy' are welcome


  1. Flappy No J's aka Flappy No Junks...
    All the taste but non of the sugar!! :) xxx

  2. Have a fantastic time in Oz - if you get chance do visit Adriano Zumbo and post a picture of his most amazing macarons they are just to die for! Not as healthy as your recipe here but from what I hear well worth it. Enjoy your trip - keep safe.