6 March 2011

Chocolate Muffins

Given my history of mixed success with muffins I always want to try and make more to prove I can, so I made these chocolate chips muffins from a recipe by Paul Hollywood.

They're made with strong white bread flour so they've got a good strong crumb and had I made less (the recipe says it makes 20 so I made 20 but really I should have made somewhere between 15 and 18 to get bigger muffins) they would have risen larger and held their shape to a dome.

They've got chopped white chocolate folded through the mixture and a square of dark chocolate in the centre of each muffin.

I had to eat one, just to find out what they're like....

After eating 2 (whoops) I have decided they are too dry for me; I think the recipe uses too much cocoa powder because they taste overwhelmingly like it so if I reduce that and then use 5 eggs not 4 large and 1 bantum (it sas 4/5 eggs on the recipe) then maybe they will be more moist I think?  I might just try other recipes instead until I'm happy.

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