19 June 2011

Charity Dog Show

This weekend I was asked to bake for a charity dog show held in our village to raise money for the local primary school and the Church roof fund.  The weather managed to hold out most of the day and only spat with rain for half an hour or so and the sun did try to shine; loads of people came with their dogs for the fun classes and my mum's ancient spaniel won the 'Best older dog' class!

Mum, Sue and I ran the stall together and Sue baked a chocolate cake which went really fast (classic); some friends of Charlotte's (the organiser) brought some cakes along too which was great and by the end of the day everything had sold out.

I baked a selection of brownies, double chocolate cookies and oat and raisin cookies

As well as some pretty cupcakes for the children who came with their dogs

and some 'grown-up' cakes; my favourite coffee & walnut and a lemon loaf which was bought as a whole and I was very pleased with! (thats Sue's chocolate cake in the background)

I took the opportunity to advertise for myself a little bit so got some friends to help me make some personalised 'Mariposa Cakes' labels for my goods as well as some business cards which I gave to people buying my things, I'm interested to see if anything comes of it.

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