16 June 2011

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

This is my favourite icing to use on cupcakes; its less sweet than American traditional buttercreams and more grown-up tasting plus it pipes really well when you flavour it!

This recipe makes enough buttercream to pipe onto 12 large cupcakes:
           250g unsalted butter
           120g caster sugar
           2 egg whites
           1 tsp vanilla extract
- whisk egg whites and sugar over heat until no longer grainy to touch (longer than 5 minutes)
- remove from heat and whisk until cool and thick
- add butter in small amounts and keep whisking
- once all the butter has been added keep whisking until the buttercream comes together (it looks dodgy for a while but it will be fine)
- once its all mixed up you can add flavouring or colours and mix it in but adding too much liquid will make the buttercream to runny to pipe with.

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