23 January 2011

Chocolate Cream Cheese Hearts

I made these little cakes for my parents when they get back from a weekend away tomorrow.  They're from a little book I have (and don't use enough) called 'Cupcake Heaven' by Susannah Blake.  The recipes make small English-size cupcakes so I tend to not make them as people always want the massive American ones instead.

For these I used a greased heart baking tray and used half the quantities to make 3 large hearts; in the past I've used the quantities for 12 small cakes to make 6 large ones succesfully as well.

They're made with cream cheese in the mix and in the icing (I used the lowest fat I could find being a girl) and should be made with potato flour but as I couldn't find any in Tesco I just used the same quanity of plain flour and they seem ok, I haven't tasted them, I'll have to wait and see what my parents think.

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