3 January 2011

Little chocolate horse!!

I’ve never been a massive fan of New Year’s Eve, but when a friend invited me to stay in Edinburgh and go to the big event they have on, I couldn’t say no!  Hogmanay was so much fun – so busy and so cold but so many pretty lights and delicious traditional Scottish food and the city of Edinburgh is beautiful.
Whilst feeling a little sorry for ourselves on New Year’s Day I made a little cake to have with our cups of tea.  Lindsay has a tin shaped like a little horse so I couldn’t not make a cake, it was too cute!!  Lack of a whisk left me to cream the butter and sugar by hand, not something I’ve done before, or want to do again!

Cute isn't he!

Chocolate Horse
4oz self-raising flour - minus 1 tbsp
1tbsp cocoa powder
4oz caster sugar
4oz butter
2 eggs
dash of milk

Continue as for chocolate cake here, but without the pear!

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