3 January 2011


We had a bit of a home-made Christmas in our house so I went the obvious route for my presents and made sweets for my family.  I was given the Hope & Greenwood book when I left my internship in the summer and its the first time I've made anything from it and I had so much fun!

The book itself is lovely, I've never been to a store but the website has lots of pictures of the sweets and you can buy from there too http://www.hopeandgreenwood.co.uk/

You're probably not supposed to put them in the fridge to help them set but I was late (as usual)!

At the top is lemon sherbet marshmallow, the remenants of which I've found splattered up my kitchen wall today!

Then there's vanilla fudge, tasted so sweet but just right very moreish.

And finally coconut ice, which I mustn't have made right because it never fully set so the slices kept merging together, nevertheless I managed to give myself a sugar headache sampling it because it was so good!

I put them in plastic bags and tied them with a ribbon to give them as presents.
In the middle is a bag of grasmere gingerbread made for my gran from a recipe from the Great British Book of Baking.  They turned out beautifully with a crumbly top and a strong gingery taste from the fresh ginger in them.
Very succesful!

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